Thursday, January 14, 2010

My Next Mobile Phone - Nexus One

While I’m doing a topic search for my blogs, I checked Technology News and saw this article about Nexus One. The mobile image caught my attention and I immediately decided to create an article about it.

Nexus One is the first mobile phone created by Google. It was launched last January 5, 2010 and currently available in Google Phone website.

Nexus One is thinner than Apple's Iphone and runs in Android 2.1, Google’s mobile OS. It uses Qualcomm 1 GHz Snapdragon chip therefore it is expected to provide real-time ubiquitous communication, high-performance multimedia, location-aware content, Internet browsing and productivity applications, all with the lowest levels of power consumption for all-day battery life and always-on connectivity.

Browsing and use of applications is much easier because of the phone's high resolution OLED touchscreen and Wi-fi feature. It also has this 5 megapixel large camera for taking videos and pictures.

Keyboard and display supports multiple languages. And talking about touchscreen keyboard, another option that Google provided is the voice-to-text feature that serves as voice command in creating your emails and notes. Whoah! I would love to try that! Imagine speaking to your phone and it will right down everything you said. Oopps.. What if I have this accent or new terms? I hope Nexus can understand it. Hey Nexus just answer back if you can't. Maybe a buzz or you can say "Hey! What are you talking about?". LOL. If the phone answered back, Google will spend bucks for fixing broke Nexus because I might throw it away. LOL.

However, the number of unhappy customers keeps on rising. Nexus has been plagued by complaints including spotty 3G connectivity, problems with touchscreen, very high termination fee and poor customer support from Google.

Despite this, Google bounced back to deal with the issues. They are working quickly to fix any problems. Keep on visiting Google Mobile Help Forum for information and resolutions. Go Google! Check this page to know more about Nexus:

Friday, July 24, 2009

Record your Skype Calls now!

Skype Call recorder is an open source tool that enables you to automatically or manually record your skype calls on Linux. It's easy to configure and can record calls in MP3, Ogg Vorbis or WAV files. After installation, you can find it under Accessories menu.

One of my clients required me to take down minutes of their conference call and knowing that I can't be able to gather all their ideas at once, I decided to have an audio copy of the conference for reference. I also use SkypeCallRecorder if there are instructions to be given through Skype just to make sure I won't miss any details.

The only problem I had with this tool is that when you run multiple instances of Skype it won't record any of your calls and when you're the one hosting the conference call the recording won't work properly.

Actually, it was my first time to attend my client's conference call to take down the minutes and first time to use the application as well. I had two instances of Skype, one is for my VA account and Jan's account (I was using Jan's account in attending the conference, don't have skype credits in mine) and I was too confident that it would record my calls so I attended the conference and listened to 7 people of different cultures and when the conference was over I searched for the audio file in my directory and found nothing :( . But still I was able to come up with the minutes, an incomplete and short one.

I think this tool is beneficial for all VAs working in Linux environment while for windows users they don't have windows version yet, but I hope soon they'll come up with it since SkypeCallRecorder is really great! Start downloading and record your skype calls now! :)

Thursday, April 23, 2009


I am a loyalist! That's why all these years I'm a fan of commercial software. I usually don't trust unknown software especially open source because I have this impression that they're not reliable and safe. Hahahah! But that was before, before I worked with Virtual Assistant Technologies Inc. In here, we are obliged to work in a Linux environment, which is a well known open source operating system(OS). At first, I was not that comfortable with UBUNTU but after few months I get used to it. Not just used to it, I learn to love it! I learn to love open source!

Using open source software in my daily work gradually changed my perspective towards open source. It opened my mind to all the beneficial factors that it gives and I can say that I am also well informed of the disadvantages that it possesses. Disadvantages that might turn into an advantage through learning to interact in their community while asking questions,hearing answers, comments and feedbacks from other users and eventually gain friendship and wider knowledge.

Few people try to criticize open source because like me years ago, they also believe that it's not reliable since it's free. Yes, it is free but that doesn't mean they are not safe or non-reliable, these criticizers doesn't know who are the people behind the open source software development and they judge them without knowing that. Men behind the development of these softwares are great and intelligent individuals who tried to create options for us. Oppps!!! STOP! Maybe I need to end this issue here before I get attached to it. :)

Okay, so back to my love and interest to open source. Here are the software that I love most and the reasons why.

UBUNTU - I love its interface, especially the 3D desktop wherein I can play with it whenever I get bored with my work. :)

GIMP - Of course, most of us know Adobe Photoshop and you'll tell me "What's that? Never heard!". GIMP is an open source alternative for Photoshop, Corel or any commercialize Graphics/image Editor software. GIMP works almost the same with other commercial software, they have similar features and functionalities but of course there are differences too. I love GIMP nowadays and I use it more often that Photoshop.

PIDGIN - Pidgin is an IM software, an alternative for Yahoo Messenger. Though it has no webcam feature it enables you to add multiple accounts such as AIM, Yahoo Messenger and etc.

BOXEE! - I love Boxee! No need to explain the point is it's lovable! I swear! :)

And more to come! :)

Monday, April 13, 2009

dotProject - Open Source Project Management Software

Climbing the stairs towards fame is dotProject,the's Project of the Month for April 2009. dotProject is an open source project management tool developed by a group of brilliant people lead by Adam Donnison. The project started way back 2001 but upon the midst of its development the original team who planned and developed the system was no way to be reached but in persistence of the new team dotProject undergo continuous improvement.

dotProject aims to help not just project managers but other users who dwell most likely to tons of projects and tasks from time to time. It is mainly designed to gather information and generate progress reports for certain projects and tasks. It also includes a detailed information for each project and tasks status. Visit dotProject website and explore its functionality.